posted by Chris Snelgrove, October 18, 2013 @ 12:13 pm

The Sky Is Falling!

I am writing this article to address some of the concerns that I have been seeing online. As of late I have been seeing an increasing number of blog posts and articles lamenting the $0.99 ebook and free ebook. The concern is that authors using these and other low price points are going to drive the publishing industry out of business and someday in the not so distant future all books will be free. This argument is being made on the grounds that consumers would rather spend nothing or next to nothing as opposed to say $9.99. Many arguments also go on to say that there is only so many ebook consumers in the world and at some point in time the ratio of consumers to books on sale will get to the point to where no one will be able to move large numbers of ebooks. Thus the free book will ruin authors and publishers.

I personally disagree with this thinking. I am going to explain why many independent authors are using low price points and how we (yes me, I use low price points as well) are able to use those prices and still make money. I will also explain why I do not think we are seeing the end of the publishing world; I assure you the sky is not falling.


Why we can sell at a lower price point

To truly understand why independent authors are selling at such low points and how they can do it is important because it will play into my later arguments explaining why we won

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