DarkFire Productions is an Audible Approved Producer audibleapproved._V169116043_

Production: From non-fiction to fantasy, sci-fi to self-help, DarkFire can create a heart-warming or spine-chilling audiobook for your fans. More iPods, iPhones, and BlackBerrys means more people getting their media on the go. With so many folks not having the time to sit down with a good book, audiobooks become a major player for people consuming their favorite author’s works. DarkFire’s audio team combines professional voice talent with today’s highest quality audio software and hardware, all mixed and molded by our talented audio engineers.

Distribution: is the 800 lb gorilla in the audiobook marketplace. With distribution streams into iTunes and, there is no other place that can publish your book to more potential listeners. DarkFire is an Audible Authorized Content Provider . We work closely with them to ensure your audiobook meets their rigid standards and quality guidelines. Since we’ve produced tons of content with Audible, you can be sure that your audiobook production will go from start to finish without a hitch. Through our partnership with Audible, your audiobook can reach the largest marketplace available, which means potentially more sales for you and more money in your pocket.

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