DarkFire in a nut shell…

Started by this random group of guys in September of 2009, DarkFire is a company that is really a culmination of experience and headache in the digital world. Blogging and social media, writing and promoting, self or traditional publishing and the pain that comes with topics like layout, cover art, editing and e-editions, the guys and gals at DarkFire have experienced it all! We know how tough it is to get your head around these topics. DarkFire now has a team of publishing and production professionals all dedicated to their craft.

DarkFire was created so that our mistakes don’t have to become your headaches. We are authors as well, so we know what it’s like and have seen the pitfalls and vipers out there on the internets. That’s why we offer no nonsense pricing that’sĀ competitiveĀ and service that is unmatched. But truth be told, ebook conversions and audiobook productions are commodities- many companies can produce those products. DarkFire deals in those commodities, but also offers something others can’t: one-and-done turnkey solutions. We can put your products into the largest distributors like Audible, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and iTunes not because we say we can…because we put our own books there too. We know the ins and outs, how to get things done, and how to get them done right the first time.

Let us share our experience with you. Tell us how DarkFire can help you.